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Issue No.16

Last updated on 17 May, 2020

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For BLOGoZON No.15 the verse to the classic song
I SHOT THE SHERRIFF by Bob Marley was analysed using the SONG SEEDS statistical mathematics approach.

To illustrate the potential of the SONG SEEDS method as both an analytical and compositional aid the same approach will now be taken with SWEET CHILD O' MINE - which was also the subject of BLOGoZON No.11.

The intro/verse to SWEET CHILD O' MINE is based around the harmonized D major scale - a table showing
the SCALE CHORDS for the key of D major follows :-



D major scale chords

The chords used for the song replace the C#dim (VIIdim) with a C major (bVII) which is both easier to play and is more in keeping with the classic rock sound required for this type of song.

This chord swap is known as a MIXOLYDIAN SEVENTH SUBSTITUTION - which was explained in detail for:-


The amended scale chord table with the mixolydian seventh substitution in place follows:-

D major with mixolydian seventh substitution

The chord chart for the intro/verse of the song is shown :-

I Shot the Sherriff chords

The chords used for the song have been highlighted on the scale chord table below - the Cadd9 has been simplified to a standard major chord as the addition of the 9th can be considered to be an embelishment.

Sweet Child O Mine - scale chord chart

The chord chart for the intro/verse of the song coded as ROMAN NUMERALS is shown :-

Sweet Child O Mine - Romans chord chart

The verse chord sequence is a THREE CHORD PROGRESSION.

The total number of three chord progressions that any minor key can generate is calculated as follows:-

Calculation This calculation means that there are a total of 35 chords progressions using 3 chords, where each progression can be rearranged 6 times giving a grand total of 210 variations.

The 35 chord progressions for the key of D major are shown in the table that follows with the intro/verse chord sequence to SWEET CHILD O' MINE by Guns n Roses highlighted in green:-

D major mixolydian 7th - 3 chord progressions

Chord progression 12 represents the chords used for the song in NUMERICAL ORDER - these can be rearranged a total of six times with one of the combinations being the order used for the song itself.

The tables below show all the combinations of chord progression number 12 in all 15 major keys.
This time the actual chord sequnce used for the verse of SWEET CHILD O' MINE by Guns n Roses is highlighted in green.

Progression 12
Sweet Child O Mine - Progression 12 To the left an enlargement of all the combinations of
D (I), G (IV) and C (bVII) is shown with the particular variation used for SWEET CHILD O' MINE by Guns n Roses again highlighted in green.

The information detailed above is just a small part of Zon Brookes' Conchordance

Songseeds - Three Chord Tricks - Conchordance

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17 May, 2020

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