Keith B Roscoe

Keith B Roscoe

Keith B Roscoe is one of the unsung heroes of the bass guitar world; making by HAND some of the best instruments on the planet all the way down there in Greensboro, North Carolina.

In the US one of the main Roscoe dealers are Alpha Music located in Virginia Beach, Virginia; whereas in England Roscoes are sold via Bass Direct in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

Watch out for the in-depth report on the Roscoe Guitars factory visit by Zon Brookes at

Carved bass body

Figured bass body

5-string bass C major scale box shapes

ZZZZZ octaves logo

This issue demonstrates the CAGED octaves method for 5-string bass guitar but the all important orange letters have been omitted.

The CAGED octaves sequence is shown for C natural in the diagram that follows:-

ZZZZZ octaves for C natural

GuitarPro6 C natural octaves

The diagram that follows shows all of the C major scale notes plotted over the 5-string bass guitar's fretboard in the CAGED octaves style:-

ZZZZZ octaves C major notes

GuitarPro6 C major scale

As always a more long term solution to fretboard navigation is to see scales/arpeggios as INTERVAL shapes rather than note names - as these are universal to all scales, arpeggios and chords rather than specific to one particular root note - with this in mind the intervals for the C major scale are detailed below in the
CAGED octaves

ZZZZZ octaves C major intervals

The table and tabbed panel below details all five box shapes for the C major arpeggio in the
CAGED octaves style.

5-string bass C major scale box shapes

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5Z3 pdf
3Z1 pdf
4Z1 pdf
4Z2 pdf
5Z2 pdf
5Z3 at 12 pdf

  • 5Z3
  • 3Z1
  • 4Z1
  • 4Z2
  • 5Z2
  • 5Z3 at 12

  • 5Z3
  • 3Z1
  • 4Z1
  • 4Z2
  • 5Z2
  • 5Z3 at 12

5Z3 box

3Z1 box

4Z1 box

4Z2 box

5Z2 box

5Z3 at 12 box

Jimmy Haslip

Check out a signature upside down southpaw Roscoe bass in action on iTunes with Jimmy Haslip of the Yellowjackets............

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