Steve Vai

Stave Vai

Steve Vai is the grand wizzard of solo instrumental rock guitar with a tone and feel to match his impressive speed and precision.

Hal Leonard produce a series transcription books and concert DVDs covering Steve Vai's music.

Ibanez produce a series of Steve Vai signature Jems plus the EP9 electro-acoustic.The Jems feature the Tree of Life fingerboard inlay - shown right.

Ibanez Jem

C major scale three notes per string box shapes

The main body of this website details the CAGED octaves memorisation method which works exceptionally well for the standard box shapes however modification is required for three notes per string patterns.

CAGED octaves logo

The three notes per string scale patterns (sweep picking) produce seven individual shapes which are known elsewhere as Patterns I, II, III, IV, V, VI and VII.

These shapes cannot be classified with the conventional CAGED guitar system as they are hybrid shapes that sit across more than one letter of the word CAGED at a time, however the CAGED octaves method eliminates this problem.

The diagram that follows shows all seven of the CAGED octaves shapes for use with the three notes per string patterns:-

CAGED octaves 3nps logo

The roman numeral shape names and the CAGED octaves equivalents are listed for the MAJOR SCALE in the table that follows:-

Shape No.
CAGED octaves

The tabbed panel below details all seven 3 notes per string patterns for the C major scale box shapes.

CAGED octaves - C major scale 3 notes per string box shapes

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5C2 pdf

5A3 pdf

5A3G1 pdf

6G3G1 pdf

6E4E1 pdf

6E4D2 pdf

4D2 pdf

5C2 at 12 pdf

  • 5C2
  • 5A3
  • 5A3G1
  • 6G3G1
  • 6E4E1
  • 6E4D2
  • 4D2
  • 5C2 at 12

  • 5C2
  • 5A3
  • 5A3G1
  • 6G3G1
  • 6E4E1
  • 6E4D2
  • 4D2
  • 5C2 at 12

5C2 box

5A3 box

5A3G1 box

6G3G1 box

6E4E1 box

6E4D2 box

4D2 box

5C2 box at fret 12

Steve Vai

For the love of God....Zon Brookes

Steve Vai album cover

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