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A new fretboard navigation method for 6-string bass guitar (BEADGC tuning) using linked octave shapes. The method allows complete fretboard freedom for both standard and 3 notes per string scale and arpeggio box shapes.

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Dave Swift

Dave Swift plus Dingwall bass

Dave Swift is, amongst many other things, the long-time bass player for the Jools Holland Band.

George Benson - On Broadway

BB King - Let The Good Times Roll

Edwin Starr - War

Lional Ritchie - All Night Long

Lisa Stansfield - All Woman

Lional Ritchie - Don't Stop the Music

Dingwall "Dave Swift"

C major scale box shapes for 6 string bass

ZZZZZZ octaves logo

This issue demonstrates the C MAJOR SCALE box shape for 6-string bass with the all important orange letters omitted.

The CAGED octaves sequence is shown for C natural in the diagram that follows:-

ZZZZZZ octaves C natural

GuitarPro6 c natural octaves

The diagrams that follows show all of the C major scale notes plotted over the 6-string bass' fretboard in both the Guitar Pro and CAGED octaves styles:-

GuitarPro6 fingerboard C major scale

ZZZZZZ octaves C major scale

As always a more long term solution to fretboard navigation is to see scales/arpeggios as INTERVAL shapes rather than note names - as these are universal to all scales, arpeggios and chords rather than specific to one particular root note - with this in mind the intervals for the C major scale are detailed below in the
CAGED octaves manner:-

ZZZZZZ octaves C major scale intervals

The table and tabbed panel below details all five box shapes for the C major scale in the CAGED octaves style.

6-string bass C major scale box shapes

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6Z4Z1 pdf
4Z2 pdf
5Z2 pdf
5Z3 pdf
6Z3Z1 pdf
6Z4Z1 at 12 pdf

  • 6Z4Z1
  • 4Z2
  • 5Z2
  • 5Z3
  • 6Z3Z1
  • 56Z4Z1 at 12

  • 6Z4Z1
  • 4Z2
  • 5Z2
  • 5Z3
  • 6Z3Z1
  • 6Z4Z1 at 12

6Z4Z1 box

4Z2 box

5Z2 box

5Z3 box

6Z3Z1 box

6Z4Z1 box at 12

Dave Swift

Don't stop the music....Zon Brookes

Jools Halland album cover

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