BCAGED octaves front cover

A new fretboard navigation method for 6-string bass guitar (BEADGC tuning) using linked octave shapes. The method allows complete fretboard freedom for both standard and 3 notes per string scale and arpeggio box shapes.

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BCAGED octaves back cover

Alain Caron

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Alain Caron

Alain Caron is the self-taught French-Canadian virtuoso
fretted and fretless 6-string bass guitarist.

UZEB - Alain Caron bass solo

Alain Caron solo basse "Scrapper"

Slap bass solo live

UZEB - New Hit Part 2

Slam The Clown

F Bass: Behind The Scenes

F Alain Caron headstock

BNF fretless

F Alain Caron bass

Octave shapes for A natural on 6 string bass

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This issue demonstrates the octave shapes for 6-string bass with the all important orange letters omitted.

The diagrams that follow show all of the A natural notes plotted over the 6-string bass' fretboard in both the

Guitar Pro and CAGED octaves styles:-

GuitarPro6 A natural

ZZZZZZ octaves A natural

6-string bass octave shapes for A natural

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ZZZZZZ octaves A natural TAB

ZZZZZZ octaves A natural pdf

Alain Caron

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