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Carl Bradychok (pronounced Brady-chawk) is a 21 year old roots-rock musician who began playing professionally at age 11.

Bradychok plays for the Twistin' Tarantulas and also demoes at the NAMM trade show for TV Jones highlighting their Spectra Sonic C Melody Baritone.

Carl Bradychok

Summer NAMM '12 - TV Jones Spectra Sonic C Melody Baritone

Summer NAMM '10 - TV Jones Telecaster Pickups Demo

Summer NAMM '09 - TV Jones P90 Pickups w/ Carl Bradychok

Ace of Spades - Twistin' Tarantulas

Choo Choo Ch Boogie / Atomic Cocktail - Twistin' Tarantulas

Billy Mack and the Juke Joint Johnnies

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TV Jones baritone

A message from Carl....Hi Zon, Thanks a lot for the mention in your blog, but I'm not in the Juke Joint Johnnies, I was a temporary fill in and NOT on any of their CDs. I am however in the Twistin' Tarantulas and work for Rockabilly Legend Jack Scott. Again, thanks for the mention! -Carl ..

TV Jones Spectra Sonic

Baritone tuned 6 string guitar - BEADF#B

The TV Jones baritone demonstrated by Carl Bradychok is tuned to C F B E G C; i.e. tuned down 2 tones (steps) - the C major scale is shown on the GuitarPro6 fingerboard that follows:-

GuitarPro6 C baritone tuning

Using this C baritone tuning and thinking C major scale for a standard tuned guitar actually produces the sound of the A major scale.

Note: GuitarPro6 will not show flat scales correctly so accidentals are shown incorrectly on the fingerboard that follows:-

Ab major scale

However the standard method used when baritone tuning a six-string guitar involves tuning all the strings a perfect fourth lower than normal i.e. B E A D F# B which is 1 semi-tone (half-step) lower than the C baritone tuning above.

If the C major scale is mapped over the fingerboard using this standard baritone tuning (with all of the C naturals highlighted) it produces the following:-

GuitarPro6 baritone tuned C natural

Using this baritone tuning the C naturals are no longer where they are expected to be found; however if the
G naturals are highlighted instead, the normal C natural octaves pattern appears, as shown in the image that follows:-

GuitarPro6 baritone G naturals

When this standard baritone tuning is adopted the player pretends that the G naturals are in fact sounding as C naturals; in the same manner adopted when a capo is used. The instrument has then been turned into a transposing instrument rather like a saxophone or clarinet; where the note being read (or thought about) is not the one sounding.

GuitarPro6 6-string guiatr C major scale

This is NOT the tuning being explained below; instead the information presented is offered as a gateway tuning to a 7-string guitar rather than another way to get different sounds out of the same guitar patterns.

Six-sevenths baritone guitar - BEADGB tuned 6 string guitar

So you want to learn how to play 7-string guitar but you don't have enough readies to go and buy one.

Well fear not boys and girls because Zon Brookes always has a work-around solution under these types of circumstances.

Get yourself an old 6-string electric guitar with a Strat scale length i.e. 25.5" and a new set of 13 gauge strings.

The C major scale is shown below on the GuitarPro6 fingerboard for 7-string guitar with a low B string:-

GuitarPro6 7-string guitar C major scale

A standard 6-string electric guitar represents strings 1 to 6 of the previous 7-string; as shown in the next GuitarPro6 fingerboard:-

GuitarPro6 6-string guiatr C major scale

Instead of tuning your 6-string EADGBE why not tune it BEADGB which represents strings 2 to 7 of the previous 7 string?

The C major scale is shown below on the GuitarPro6 fingerboard for a 6-string guitar tuned BEADGB:-

GuitarPro6 C major scale

Won't a 25.5" scale length be too short?.... I hear the purveyor's of all guitar wisdom cry from afar.

Well follow this link to check out the specifications of the Ibanez UV777 to quell any fears you may have on this front - scale length of 25.5" I do believe.

Again the guitar-wise are shouting the strings will be too slack.

This is where the 13 gauge strings come in useful and if you want to do a full string tension calculation check then follow this link to the D'Addario strings design chart (very useful for this precise purpose).

So to quote those of an American persuasion y'all set.

A minor arpeggio box shapes - BEADGB tuned 6 string guitar

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This issue demonstrates the A minor arpeggio box shapes for 6-string guitar tuned to BEADGB with the all important orange letters omitted.

The CAGED octaves sequence is shown for A natural in the diagram that follows:-

ZZZZZ octaves A natural

GuitarPro6 a natural octaves

The diagrams that follow show all of the A minor arpeggio notes plotted over the 6-string guitar's

fretboard (tuned to BEADGB) in the CAGED octaves styles:-

ZZZZZ octaves A minor arpeggio notes

As always a more long term solution to fretboard navigation is to see scales/arpeggios as INTERVAL shapes rather than note names - as these are universal to all scales, arpeggios and chords rather than specific to one particular root note - with this in mind the intervals for the A minor arpeggio are detailed below in the CAGED octaves manner:-

ZZZZZ octaves A minor arpeggio intervals

The table and tabbed panel below details all five box shapes for the A minor arpeggio in the
CAGED octaves style.

A minor arpeggio box shapes - BEADGB tuned 6 string guitar

YouTube icon

Flash iconGuitar Pro 6 icon

4Zm2 pdf
5Zm2 pdf
5Zm3 pdf
6Zm3Zm1 pdf
6Zm4Zm1 pdf
4Zm2 at 12 pdf

  • 4Zm2
  • 5Zm2
  • 5Zm3
  • 6Zm3Zm1
  • 6Zm4Zm1
  • 4Zm2 at 12

Guitar Pro6 4Zm2

Guitar Pro6  5Zm2

Guitar Pro6 5Zm3

Guitar Pro6 6Zm3Zm1

Guitar Pro6 6Zm4Zm1

Guitar Pro6 4Zm2 at 12

  • 4Zm2
  • 5Zm2
  • 5Zm3
  • 6Zm3Zm1
  • 6Zm4Zm1
  • 4Zm2 at 12

4Zm2 box

5Zm2 box

5Zm3 box

6Zm3Zm1 box

6Zm4Zm1 box

4Zm2 box at 12

Once the individual box shapes have been assimilated all five shapes should be linked together and played in one continuous exercise (with the first shape - 4Zm2 - being repeated at the 12th fret).

The video shown to the right demonstrates the CAGED octaves chain-linked sequence for the A minor arpeggio box shapes.

The complete TAB for the previous exercise follows:-

A minor arpeggio box shapes TAB

The box shapes for the previous exercise follow:-

A minor arpeggio boxes

Flash iconGuitar Pro 6 icon

A minor arpeggio box shapes pdf

A minor arpeggio box shapes TABA minor arpeggio box shapes TAB

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