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Bob Taylor has created both the Taylor Baritone-6 and the Taylor Baritone-8 electro-acoustic guitars.

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Taylor Baritone-6

Octave shapes for C natural on six-sevenths baritone guitar

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This issue demonstrates the C natural octave shapes for 6-string guitar tuned to BEADGB with the all important orange letters omitted.

The diagrams that follow show all of the C natural notes plotted over the BEADGB tuned baritone guitar's fretboard in both the Guitar Pro and CAGED octaves styles:-

GuitarPro6 C natural octaves

ZZZZZ octaves C natural

C natural octave shapes for BEADGB tuned baritone guitar

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GuitarPro6 A natural octaves

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C natural ZZZZZ octaves TAB

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C natural ZZZZZ octaves pdf

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