Octave Method for Drop D: 6-string guitar

Octave Method
Drop D
6-String Guitar

A method for Drop D: 6-string guitar using linked octave shapes.
Enables systematic navigation of the
Drop D: 6-string guitar fingerboard for standard and 3 notes per string scale/arpeggio box shapes.

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Octave Method for Drop D: 6-string guitar


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Bert LeCato

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Your intrepid reporter Zon Brookes tried for a factory visit at InTuneGP but Bert (shown above) had other ideas....


Great to hear from you and thanks for your interest in doing a blog write up on us.
The issue is that we don't allow any pictures of our production setup and don't really give tours. We are in a very competitive industry and a lot of what we do and the equipment we use is proprietary.
It's always tough to say no, but I've even had to tell Discovery's - How it's Made...."No".

Publicity and support is great, but not at the risk of giving the competition an edge. You are more than welcome to stop by if we are on the way

It would be nice to meet you.

Bert LeCato
President - A & R
In Tune Guitar Picks, Inc.
20154 Market St.
Onancock,VA 23417
(757)787-7879 Office
(757)787-9579 Fax


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Anyway boys and girls I had a great chat with Bert (and his shopkeeper) and bought a
T-shirt plus some custom made black Jazz picks with the BLOGoZON logo in white on one side.
Nice man and very good service from InTuneGP.com
....Zon Brookes

Bag of BLOGoZON picks

6 string guitar (DADGBE - Drop D tuning)
C natural octave shapes

This issue demontrates the C natural octave shapes for 6-string guitar (DADGBE - Drop D tuning)
in both the CAGED octaves.........

CAGED octaves drop D - C natural

..........and Guitar Pro styles.

GuitarPro6 C natural octaves

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C natural octaves Drop D

Flash iconGuitar Pro 6 icon

C natural drop D octave shapes pdf


'Cause I can't take any more of this
....Zon Brookes

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