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Jarek Smietana

Jarek Smietana

Jarek Smietana is one of Poland's premiere jazz musicians

Mayones produce a Virtuoso series guitar for Jarek. The new Virtuoso 2 is shown right finished in Golden Tea.

Mayones Virtuoso

E pentatonic minor box shapes

EDCAG octaves logo

This issue of BLOGoZON demonstrates the E PENTATONIC MINOR SCALE box shapes.

The EDCAG octaves sequence is shown for E natural in the diagram that follows:-

EDCAG octaves E natural

GuitarPro6 E natural octaves

The diagram that follows shows all of the E pentatonic minor notes plotted over the 6-string guitar's fretboard in both the Guitar Pro and EDCAG octaves styles:-

GuitarPro6 fingerboard

EDCAG octaves E pantatonic minor notes

As always a more long term solution to fretboard navigation is to see scales/arpeggios as INTERVAL shapes rather than note names - as these are universal to all scales, arpeggios and chords rather than specific to one particular root note - with this in mind the intervals for the E pentatonic minor are detailed below in the EDCAG octaves manner:-

EDCAG octaves E pentatonic minor intervals

The table and tabbed panel below details all five box shapes for the E pentatonic minor in the
EDCAG octaves style.

EDCAG octaves - E pentatonic minor box shapes

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Guitar Pro 6 icon

Flash icon

6Em4Em1 pdf
4Dm2 pdf
5Cm2 pdf
5Am3 pdf
6Gm3Gm1 pdf
6Em4Em1 at 12 pdf

  • 6Em4Em1
  • 4Dm2
  • 5Cm2
  • 5Am3
  • 6Gm3Gm1
  • 6Em4Em1 at 12

  • 6Em4Em1
  • 4Dm2
  • 5Cm2
  • 5Am3
  • 6Gm3Gm1
  • 6Em4Em1 at 12

6Em4Em1 box

4Dm2 box

5Cm2 box

5Am3 box

6Gm3Gm1 box

6Em4Em1 box at 12

Jarek Smietana

You never know....Zon Brookes

A story of Polish jazz

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