Octave Method for 7-String Guitar

Octave Method
Low B
7-String Guitar

A method for 7-string guitar using linked octave shapes. Enables systematic navigation of the 7-string guitar fingerboard for standard and 3 notes per string scale and arpeggio box shapes.

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Octave Method for 7-String Guitar

Meat & Potatoes Scales & Arpeggios 7-string guitar

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Bernard Revel & Lowden 7-string acoustic

Lowden logo

Bernard Revel is a French folk guitarist who plays a Lowden
7-string acoustic guitar hand-made at their Northern Ireland factory.

Bernard Revel

Bernard Revel - Lowden 7 strings guitar

Bernard Revel

Bernard Revel/Friederike Schulz - Issoudun 2012 - Shule Agra

Bernard Revel

Irish Folksongs. "The First Swallow"

Bernard Revel/Friederike Schulz - The First Swallow.

Lowden headstock

Lowden 7-string

Lowden body

Octave shapes for C natural on 7-string guitar

ZZZZZ octaves logo

This issue demonstrates the octave shapes for 7-string guitar with the all important orange letters omitted.

The diagrams that follow show all of the C natural notes plotted over the 7-string guitar' fretboard in both the

Guitar Pro and CAGED octaves styles:-

GuitarPro6 C natural octaves

ZZZZZ octaves C natural

7-string guitar octave shapes for C natural

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Flash iconGuitar Pro 6 icon

C natural octaves TAB pdf

Flash iconGuitar Pro 6 icon

C natural octaves pdf

George Revel

But where are you?
....Zon Brookes

Bernard Revel album

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